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Indifferent at home, at the sea or in the mountains, this is still the best time of the year. Long bevor it starts, we can´t wait for this great time.

Even bigger is the anticipation for our little school starter.

Our "Kuhnert-School-Starter" is nervous for their "big day". Next time, the mouse going with candy cone and school bag to school an beginns to lern.

Schulanfänger Maus   Schulanfänger Maus sitzend      


We´ve got also lovely made figures like our Owl Student. She is waiting for learning and looks very itently.
Equipped with our Incense cones "Go away!" is it perfekt for a school start party, because gnats has no chance.

      Schüler Eule        Anti Mücken Räucherkerzen     


    We offer original handcrafted products from the Erzgebirge only.

Echt Erzgebirge                                   Original statt Plagiat